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What is flexible cystoscopy?

Flexible cystoscopy is a diagnostic test performed by the urosurgeon. This test allows the surgeon to evaluate the urethra the urine bladder and the prostate completely in real time while the patient is awake and has minimum discomfort.

What is the difference between flexible scopy and rigid cystoscopy?

The earlier system entailed using a hard metal telescope for the evaluation which was painful for the patient and therefore need anesthesia , however the current flexible scope is soft and can be manipulated with ease within the urine passage therefore the patient need not be anesthetized yet has little of no pain.

Why is it needed?

This tests can be used for diagnosis and decision making in case of enlarged obstructing prostate, bladder neck obstruction. It is also used as a diagnostic tool when the patient has had bleeding in the urine that is called hematuria.

Is it painful procedure?

Since I use the flexible scope therefore the patient has minimum discomfort and can easily tolerate the procedure under local anesthesia, it is usually a day care procedure and the patient walks back home after the procedure generally within three hours of the procedure. He or she can then resume normal work after few more hours of rest at home.

What is the description of the procedure?

The patient is admitted generally for three hours for the procedure. The patient is usually advised to take antibiotics for one day prior the procedure, then on the day of the procedure and again the day after the procedure. This procedure is then performed in the operation theater but under local anesthesia and the patient can see the vision during the procedure. He or she can also discuss with the surgeon the findings during the procedure since the patient is very comfortable during the procedure. After the procedure the patient discusses the findings and a decision is made regarding the management.