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Migration of Patients from East India to Southern Indian Medical Hubs

                                      Very often we hear of patients migrating to South India, to get quality medical and surgical care. This entails a huge cost on the finances of the family. The patient is often accompanied by two or more care -givers which also means loss of work for the states in this region. These care givers are healthy working people. So the states not only loose money, but also loose work  force and man power.


                                      This trend gained momentum during the seventies and eighties due to lack of investment in health infrastructure in eastern India. Also at that time there were hardly any private investors in Eastern India in the health care sector.


                                        By The year 2000 and thereafter, the health care sector in the eastern India has been revolutionized due to influx of highly skilled Doctors and Surgeons from apex institutes of India and also abroad .Also in this period both government and private sector investment  in health care has grown by many folds.


                                       However, the migration of patients sadly still continues due to lack of knowledge of this health care infrastructure growth among the general population.


                                     It is high time that the retrograde trend stops and Eastern India can become a medical hub attracting Health tourism from India and abroad as well.







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