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·         What is Bladder outlet obstruction ?


The urinary bladder drains the urine via the urine passage . The bladder neck is supposed to be wide and funnel shaped. But in some people it can be narrow and obstructing to the urine flow . This cause bladder outlet obstruction.


·         What are its symptoms ?

Bladder obstruction cause poor urinary flow and poor storage capacity of the bladder . There fore patient complains of poor flow and frequency of urination.


·         How is this condition diagnosed ?

When patient seeks urological consultation, the urosurgeon advice few non invasive test like uroflowmetry , ultrasonography. After these test he will usually advice for flexible cystoscopy. This is diagnostic of the condition .


·         How is this condition treated ?

When there is minor obstruction then the patient is managed by medication like tamsulosin, but in severe cases micro laser surgery is needed.


·         What is HOBNI ?

Holmium laser is an advanced laser for urinary surgery, this surgery is performed via the urinary passage. Therefore no scar or stitches are visible. The surgery entails incision of the bladder neck to allow easy urination. If the surgeon wants then he may also perform prostate removal by holep simultaneously.


·         What is the post operative recovery in this surgery ?

Generally the patient is kept after surgery in hospital for two to three days and discharged after catheter removal in most cases. At home a restful life is advised for two weeks and then they can resume normal life .