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What is mini perc surgery for kidney stones?

Mini Perc surgery



Mini perc means removal of kidney stone using a very fine telescope and a very fine access into the kidney. This surgery is performed using 12french telescope whereas the usual PCNL is performed using 24 french telescope. Since the scope is very fine therefore the trauma to the kidney is also proportionately less.

How is it different from PCNL?

While in normal PCNL we use an access channel of 30 french here in mini perc we use an access channel of 16 french.  Since the opening in the kidney is so small therefore the kidney recovers faster and the patient can return to normal life faster.

When is it needed?

Most stones in the kidney which are larger than 5mm need treatment. Since no stone dissolves in water and all stones have to be expelled via the narrow passage that is the ureter and therefore stones which are larger than 5mm can potentially cause damage. When the stones are smaller than 20mm they can be easily tackled by mini perc access, but very large stones are better managed by conventional PCNL.

What are the advantages of mini per surgery?

Mini perc surgery has become possible due to the presence of laser energy. Which allows even large stones to be vaporized and fragmented using very narrow and fine telescopes. Since the access is so fine then the kidney has lesser damage and recovers faster. The chance and magnitude of blood loss is also reduced significantly.

How much time is needed for recovery from mini perc surgery?

Generally, the patient is discharged within 2 days and can return to normal work after two weeks of light rest at home. The patient generally has very minimal pain and can walk and work from home within the first week after the surgery. Since no muscle is cut therefore movement is very easy after this surgery.

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