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Peritoneal dialysis


This is another method of dialysis. In which we instill the clean dialysis fluid into the peritoneal cavity. Peritoneal space is a sac like space in the abdomen, which surrounds our abdominal organs. When the dialysis fluid enters the peritoneal space, the peritoneal membrane serves as a dialysing membrane. Impurities in the blood then cross the peritoneal membrane into the dialysing fluid. Which is then drained, therefore the patient’s blood is purified.

For access to the peritoneal cavity, the surgeon will place a peritoneal catheter via a small incision near the right side of the umbilicus, and this catheter will be placed, into the peritoneal cavity between the bladder and the rectum. This procedure is generally performed under local anethesia, however in difficult cases laparoscopy and general anesthesia may also be needed.

This has the advantage that it can be performed at home of the patient, and the primary care giver can be trained to administer the dialysis. However it takes longer time and more cycles to clean the blood. Which means the patient has lesser time to perform daily professional work.

The choice of dialysis is best taken in consultation with the nephrologist and the patient and his or her attendents.

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