NKPC Kidney Clinic

Welcome to NKPC Kidney Clinic

NKPC has a state of the art department of respiratory medicine The facilities provided at a glance are

1. Out patient, consultation with senior chest physicians

2. Pulmonary function test

3. 32 slice advanced HRCT thorax

4. BD Bactech based advanced microbiology

5. Bronchoscopy Olympus Germany for diagnosis and therapeutic applications

6. Intensive care unit

Pediatric ICU with ECG monitor on foreground

7. Round the clock oxygen supply

8. High flow nasal oxygen HFNO

9. Non-invasive ventilation BIPAP

10.State of the art ventilation from Maquet


Our faculty of chest medicine


1. Dr Anirban Deb MD Chest

2.Dr Debobani Biswas MD chest


Thoracoscopic procedures

We plan to start thoracoscopic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures very soon

Pulmonary function test

for patients with chest disease very often the lung function has to be assessed, this is performed with a non-invasive test using state of the art equipment.

2 this helps the chest physician assess and treat the chest patient


1 when the chest physician needs to assess the internal architecture of the airways, it is assessed by performing a bronchoscopy.

2 this procedure allows the physician to take biopsy from suspicious lesions

3 he can also take sampes for the purpose of isolation the nature of infective agent

4 also if a foreign body is lodged in the airway then this can also be removed with bronchoscopic technique

Intensive care facility

1. when a patient with chest disease has severe exacerbation, then they may need intensive care

2. we at NKPC Chest clinic provide a state of the art intensive care facility.

3. we have fully function intensive care unit

4. with the ventilatory support when needed

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