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Nephrology services

Which patients need nephrology care?

Whenever the Kidney becomes weak and is unable to filter the blood, then the kidney needs medical management under the care of a nephrologist. Initial stages are managed by medications only which help increase the longevity of the kidney but in later stages dialysis may be required, and in some cases renal replacement therapy by transplantation is needed.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis means purification and filtration of the blood by a machine. Whenever the kidney is weak and the blood becomes impure then the patient is recommended for dialysis. Dialysis means the patient’s blood is drawn into a machine where it is filtered and then returned to the patient in a more pure form therefore the patient is able to excrete the impurities in the blood.

Who is the consultant incharge of nephrology services?

Dr Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay (MD DNB nephrology and transplant medicine) is incharge of the nephrology services at NKPC

How many dialysis beds are provided in this set up?

we have three beds dedicated to dialysis within this set up of nkpc

Is kidney transplantation also done here?

We are in the process of applying for a transplant license, once the swasthya bhabhann clears our application we can then begin the process of kidney transplantation at our center.

transplant surgery team

Dr Avishek Mukherjee (MS MCh)
Dr Sandip Pramanik (MS MCH)

What is intensive care?

Whenever a patient is very weak and may need intensive support for maintenance of life then intensive care management is needed. intensive care setup may need the presence of a dedicated nursing staff to take care of the patients. along with dedicated doctors to take care of the recovery of these cases.

Who is the consultant incharge of intensive care services?

Dr Sheshadri Das (MD) is the consultant in charge of the intensive care setup at NKPC

How many ventilators and other respiratory care equipment are available here in NKPC ?

we have many equipments to take care of patients in need for intensive care ventilators

  • we have five state of the art ventilators for invasive ventilation care
  • high flow nasal oxygen delivery machine
  • we have two such brand new machines for the care of intensive care patients and covid cases.
  • bipap non invasive ventillators
  • we have three such machines for care of such patients
  • infusion pumps five such are avialable
  • monitors of vital parameters-five such are available
covid care is it available here at NKPC?

During this global pandemic national kidney and prostate clinic has provided care for covid patients too under the guidance of the health department government of west bengal. We have been able to cure a lot of cases and in future if needed are ready to provide the facility for these cases too.

gastro medicine and gastro-surgery

is also a priority area of therapy and therefore we are working to enhance treatment in this field

Who are the consultants incharge of this department?

Dr Sanjoy Mondal (MS MCH consultant Gastrosurgeon)
Dr S B Das Chakraborty (MD DM gastromedicine)

Is endoscopy and endoscopic surgery available at NKPC?

we shall be able to provide state of the art endoscopy and endoscopic surgery equipment for gastromedicine patients very soon at NKPC

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